Airo® Industries, Inc.

LTD® Series

LTD® Series

Airo manufactures the LTD® SERIES as well as providing service and training to distributors. It falls within our objectives to service our customers’ needs by customizing our hoist and platforms as necessary. (Example:  If lengths or widths or heights are greater than our standard size, we can engineer to accommodate.)

By its very nature, the LTD® SERIES has an automatic safety benefit. Unlike conventional cranes and tower cranes, the loading zone area is centralized. This area is a designated (roped off) lifting area. Any loose material that may fall while in motion would be confined to the “drop zone”. In contrast, over the course of the job, a conventional or tower crane’s hook and load continuously blankets the job site overhead, creating a hazardous work area throughout the job site. Building materials do fall.

The ability to secure a qualified operator is greatly increased because of the simple up/down and in/out movements.  The complex moves and forces associated with combined swing and boom actions are not present with the LTD® SERIES.  The operator can spend more time concentrating on safety.

Loads are moved into the building’s interior or onto the rooftop to be safely unloaded by workers.  At the same time, the LTD® SERIES is free to lift another load into position on the same or lower floor, something no other material mover or crane is able to do!




Airo® Industries, Inc.

Features & Benefits:

Features & Benefits:

Below is a profile of the features and benefits of the LTD® SERIES:

  • Up to 10,000 lb load capacity for the LTD® SERIES. The LTD® SERIES offers load capacities in 2,000 lb, 4,000 lb, 6,000 lb, 8,000 lb and 10,000 lb.    
  •  Wire Rope and hook speeds available at over 200 fpm
  •  Brings loads into building or onto the roof to be safely unloaded
  •  Can be lifting one load while another is being unloaded on the desired floor or on the roof
  •  Can be in use within hours of delivery to job site
  •  Can lift loads to every floor beneath the hoist AND on the roof with accessory decks making the LTD® SERIES the most efficient hoist in the world
  •  Can be moved to different floors within a half hour and ready to use
  •  Decreases hazardous job site area by requiring only a 20'x20' "loading zone"
  •  Has remote option; one remote can operate the hoist and 10 platforms from 300 feet away
  •  Reduces labor loss by moving all materials needed and eliminating wait time for workers
  •  Reduces crane time and cost
  •  Environmentally Green, leaves a smaller environmental footprint then a horse drawn carriage
  •  Uses Clarity Bio Degradable Hydraulic Fluid
  •  Easy to train employees to operate
  •  Simple push button for platform and lever for hoist operation
  •  All Industrial parts
  •  Minimal Maintenance
  •  Loads can be hoisted directly from bed of truck
  •  100% Duty Cycle
  •  Dedicated to load in/out, thus eliminating (or at least reducing) usage conflicts
  •  Ease of installation, taking only a few hours
  •  Ease of operation, no certified operator needed (Check regulations for your area or for your specific contractor.)
  •  Overall cost savings, particularly on taller construction sites or where there are a high number of loads



A Profile of Solutions

A profile of solutions

Environmentally Green. Because it is operated by electricity and uses bio-degradable hydraulic fluid, the LTD® SERIES leaves a very small environmental footprint.

Increases profitability by eliminating lost labor time due to unmanageable conflicts in material moving, hence helps to bring project in under budget and time.

Provides an environment that is safer by allowing material to be hoisted from the delivery truck, thus eliminating unnecessary material movement.

The return on expense for a contractor is immediately recognized upon installation and operation.  The cost per load for a tower crane to move material is approximately $100 - $125 (average) per load vs. a little more than $6.50 (average) per load for the LTD® SERIES.

The LTD® SERIES, from delivery to setup to installation to operation takes only a few hours at most, making it all the more valuable not only for upcoming projects but also for projects in the works.

The LTD® SERIES is very simple to operate.  Anyone can be trained and, in most cases, does not require a licensed operator, just a competent person.