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LTD® Series

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LTD® Series

It’s all about creating a better mousetrap!  The LTD® SERIES is simplistic in design, easily transportable, environmentally friendly, cost efficient, single lever control, light in weight, small in stature, and most of all, added safety.  This revolutionary patented system allows for more efficient and safer lifting of materials while freeing up the tower crane from mundane lifting tasks.

The LTD® SERIES systems are floor or roof mountable.

Illustrated below is one application of the LTD® SERIES Roof Mounted System (Domestic & International Patents Pending)

The upper hoisting “A-frame” is interchangeable (at four points) between the lower accessory transfer deck(s).

Deck travel is 12' @ 9 seconds (adjustable deck speeds available) (forward/reverse)

Hook speeds can be varied to a maximum of 220 FPM. (Variables are taken into account for weight and motor size.)

Maximum load capacity 10,000 lbs for the LTD® SERIES. (Load capacities available in 2,000 lb, 4,000 lb, 6,000 lb, 8,000 lb and 10,000 lb)

Anti-two block device standard

Weights:  LTD® SERIES hoisting unit is approximately 4,960 pounds; Lower accessory platforms are approximately 3,485 pounds

New dimensions:  24' in length (12' cantilevered off the edge of the building) - (Modifiable deck dimensions are available to meet any project need.)

12' width (from Outside of I-beams)  10'8" width (from inside of I-beams)

12' high A-frame


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Pipe & Rebar Hoisting


Pipe & Rebar Hoisting

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Additional Product Information

Additional Information

LTD® Series Information
  • The LTD® SERIES hydraulic winch is powered by electric.  If required, an optional power supply unit is available.
  • Operator controls are stationary.  Optional remote is available.
  • Transfer deck is push button.
Electric/Hydraulic Tank Power Unit Requirements:
  • 230/460 Three-Phase, 50/60 HZ, 120/60 AMPS
  • Electric unit dimensions:  59" high x 48" wide x 54" long
  • Weight:  1,990 pounds
  • Electrical power supplied by customer to Hydraulic power unit
  • Hydraulic lines are included.  Custom lengths can be ordered beyond the 10' standard reach.
Assembly Information:
  • Initial onsite assembly: 2-4 hours for main hoisting platform
  • Accessory Platforms: 1-2 hours
  • Relocation times vary, generally within one hour
  • Post Shore Jack placement and Roof Mount securements variety with building structure and is determined by Engineer of Record.